I love creating both sweet and savory recipes, and originally began blogging to document both my baked creations and cooking adventures. While I still love to cook (I make one mean chicken pot pie), my life seems to have pushed me more towards baking. It allows me to tap into my creative side and possibly more importantly to me it allows me to be a part of some really special events in people’s lives. Baking let’s me bring something special to someone’s holiday, baby shower, wedding, birthday or anniversary. You name it, if it involves a sweet treat I get to be a part of some major things happening in people’s lives. I created this blog to share some of those.

I’m still new to blogging and i’m always learning new things about baking. I have a day job that I like very much and it keeps my blogging and baking to nights and weekends. Unfortunately this means that most of my pictures are taken in less than stellar evening lighting. Moreover, after a full day of work and a full evening of baking, blog pictures tend to get the last bit of energy and effort I have left. Bear with me I’m still learning!

Well lit pictures or not, I hope you enjoy my little blog about my baking adventures!


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