Alotta Colada Cupcakes Find The Perfect Portioning Batter Scoop

An Ohio Prosecutor apparently filed a criminal indictment against Punxsutawney Phil, the famous groundhog, for fraudulently predicting that spring would come early. However, don’t worry, his handler has taken the blame. Since I refuse to be angry at a cute little groundhog, but have no problems being angry at a person, I’m not so happy with his handler. Where is spring?

That said, I refuse to be the kind of person that complains about the cold and then complains about the heat. However, can I please put my long pants and jeans away? In an effort to bring on some spring, I made a tropical cupcake this past weekend. I even wore my white blazer, Miami Vice style. There were even mint green shorts amongst my crew of friends. But if fashion wasn’t enough to conjure up spring and summer, these cupcakes were!

Let’s be honest though, all I really wanted to do was try out my new cupcake batter scoop. Like anything, the right tool can change everything. Baking is my hobby and passion, and the right tool can get me down right giddy. It’s been a long evolution to the right tool to perfectly portion my cupcake batter.

From left to right, here is my evolution:



In my early baking days, I used a quarter cup measure. Look there is nothing wrong with this. However, you need slightly less than a quarter cup for each cupcake, and here comes the eye-balling it. This is not my specialty. Asking me to hang a picture without a level is asking for a crooked picture and a lot of holes in your wall. What’s worse is I’m a perfectionist, so I will tear that picture down until I get it right. It’s a recipe for a long and difficult picture hanging event. Same goes with filling a cupcake liner.

Everyone has had a cupcake or muffin turn out like this:



It makes me cringe just looking at these two uneven little cupcakes. #BakingProblems

At Wally World (Wal-Mart), as I like to call it, I found that middle gem of a tool. It promised perfect portions. However, again if you fill that bad boy all the way up you end up with an over filled cupcake liner. It has that nice little pour spout, but I don’t know who would use it. My batter is generally thick. Any batter with butter is. So I need a small spatula to scrape out the batter. Who wants two tools that don’t even do the job right?

Well, drum roll please, I found the perfect scoop:



Look at that perfectly portioned cupcake batter! It is the large scoop from Pampered Chef. Go get yourself one. Knock yourself out. It not only portions things perfectly, the release valve and metal construction makes it easy to release the batter. I have also purchased the medium and small scoops from Pampered Chef and I can’t begin to tell you the amount of uses I’ve thought of for them. It’s disturbing.

Now if only someone can come up with something to portion my icing perfectly:



Note the issue above. That said, these were all pretty tasty, no matter their size. It was a pineapple coconut cupcake injected and doused with coconut rum and topped with coconut cream cheese frosting, aptly named by my R&D department (my besties) Alotta Colada!

Bring on Spring little cupcake!



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