Nautical Baby Girl Shower

I had the pleasure of co-hosting a baby shower for one of my closest friends. I truly enjoyed being a part of such a special day. Little did the Mom-To-Be know how much I enjoyed making the cupcakes, cake and cake pop favors for the event. It was nautical themed. Pink and navy blue go so well together. It might have just been the easiest shower I have ever hosted. My co-hostess handled the invites, decor and games, while I handled the food, goodies and favors. We also had several people contribute a dish and several people who didn’t mind doing dishes! I mean, who can beat that? It didn’t hurt that my co-hostess had such a lovely home to display everything in!

Baby Shower 136

The great thing about cupcakes instead of a huge cake is that there is no need to make a big production out of cutting the cake. Or any need to buy extra plates! The Mom-To-Be was even able to take home the whole cake at the top.

Baby Shower 126

The cake at the top was a two layer strawberry lemonade cake that had three little sail boats circling it.

Baby Shower 124

The cupcakes were also strawberry lemonade. Lemon is the Mom-To-Be’s favorite flavor. Each cupcake was adorned with a chocolate anchor.

Baby Shower 125

We decided to give out cake pops as favors. They are always the perfect little post event treat. Plus, they are easy to take home. Everyone can use a cake pop in their life!

Baby Shower 127

I found this glass jar at Michael’s. It had a chip, and so I was able to get it for $5. No one knew the chip was there and it fit 30 cake pops. I used glass beads to stand the cake pops up. My co-hostess made the sweet little framed sailboat in the background. So cute!

Baby Shower 138

Here is a better picture of that cute little sailboat. She made it with cardstock. Such a great idea!

Baby Shower 130

My favorite little item from the shower were these cute napkins that my co-hostess ordered.

Baby Shower 139

It was a really special day! I can’t wait to meet Ms. Clara!


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