New Year’s 4 Tier Tower of Treats

I did an obsurd amount of baking for the holidays, along with an obsurd amount of any and all holiday over indulging. As usual though the New Year has arrived and I’m back to being on my best behavior. For the most part anyway.

I got a lot of things that I can’t wait to use for baking and displaying all of those baked goods, but this little gem was too much fun to wait to use.


I spent a lot of time hashing out how I wanted to use this first, but decided on making a tower of treats for New Year’s. I started with attaching some fabric ribbon. I also at one point attached thinner curl ribbon that you use to decorate a wrapped present, but it didn’t look right. The thin ribbon didn’t wrap around the circular levels very well. This ribbon though, was just right and was $2.97 for a roll.


I had decided to alternate cake pops and cupcakes on each tier and top it with four cake pops that spelled out 2013. I sort of enjoy that they each look like the New Year’s ball that has dropped.


I had to cut down 4.5 inch sticks for most of the cake pops to make them fit in the middle tier, but the 2013 was attached to 6 inch sticks so that they would stand out. I got the 2013 at Wal-Mart in a package of numbers and letters meant to be used on poster board. The package was $5.00, which seems a little steep but I figure I’ll find a use for the remaining numbers and letters eventually.


My little top flair is a balloon weight from party city for $.99.


I think $9.00 for this flair was worth it, and although people seemed too scared to ruin it by eating it at New Year’s I think it was worth it. Plus, it was fun for me. It’s the little things!

Happy New Year!






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