Lightning McQueen As Cupcake

I was asked to make cupcakes for a true Lightning McQueen super fan turning four this week. He watches Cars the movie every weekend, he sleeps in Lightning McQueen pajamas and he needs Lightning McQueen themed cupcakes for his birthday. I perused a lot of ideas, but found the idea for actual Lightning McQueen cupcakes on Pinterest. Using that concept, here is how I chose to tackle it!

He’s ready for the Road! Although I will admit I’m not sure how he drives on those tires, particularly the back tires.

Here’s what you will need:

Chocolate Cupcakes
Red Frosting
Red Sugar
Red & White Fondant
A Black Food Color Pen
Yellow Chocolate Candy Coated Sunflower Seeds OR Yellow M&Ms
Mini Rollo

I liked the idea of Lightning McQueen having a little sparkle to him. Plus, I felt it would make a good pallet for everything else. So I frosted the chocolate cupcakes with red frosting and rolled them in red sugar.

I decided to make windshields out of red and white fondant, but I think a large marshmallow cut in half and iced on all but the cut portion would work too.The windshields started off as just squares that I let sit out to harden all day.

Then I cut them in half and trimmed them up.

This is where the black food color pen comes in. I used that to add eyes.  My windshields could be the makings of some decent robots, or maybe an edible dominoes game as well.

At this point, I’m still concerned I’m making robots, and not the intended Lightning McQueen.

This is where he comes together though. He gets mini Rollos for wheels and yellow chocolate covered candy coated sunflower seeds for headlights. I originally bought M&Ms for headlights, but didn’t have enough yellow. Since they are more prevalent than the sunflower seeds, I’m certain you could use M&Ms as well. The sunflower seeds did make for the perfect proportion though.

Lastly, I made a little mouth out of fondant. This is where he gets all of his personality. I used a little circle cutter to do this.

Can you see that little mouth taking shape?

I have to admit, I love how each little mouth gives each one different personalities. Some are grinning, some are smirking and some are just quietly happy.


One thought on “Lightning McQueen As Cupcake

  1. they are as fun see through the tutorial as they were to eat…delicious!! ~Thanks Jenn, Christina is already planning on what cupcakes she wants for her birthday…in July!

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