Cupcakes for Clara – It’s a Girl!

Most people who know me well, know that I am not a baby person. I don’t think all babies are cute, I don’t have an overwhelming urge to hold every baby I see and tiny baby clothes and shoes do nothing for me (Ok tutus on little girls are cute). However, I have been blessed to become “Auntie” to some really amazing kids, whom I love dearly. Moreover, I will be becomeing “Auntie” once again in March 2013, and was honored to play a huge part in revealing the gender of the baby of two of the most wonderful people I know.

I’ve also always wanted to make a gender reveal treat. We decided on cupcakes, and after much deliberation I decided on chocolate cupcakes filled with pink or blue icing, topped with white icing that is adorned with a pink and blue question mark. Here is Mom with her cupcake:


I started with your basic chocolate cupcake, white, pink and blue butter cream frosting.Image.

I popped their tops.


And then filled them with PINK icing. It’s a girl!


And shoved the tops back on.


Frosting please!!


And top with a multi colored question mark.


Take a bite for the big reveal!


This is what everyone should have seen. Although, it was brought to my attention not everyone took a deep enough bite on the first go around. Note: Add more icing next time!


I truly can’t wait to meet Clara Helen Hansen!


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